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Website Operation Policies

1. Website setup and Administration

This website has been setup and is administered by NILIM (National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management) for sharing information related to the CommonMP project. This site will be loaded with various initiatives aimed at contributing to the CommonMP project, including releasing and sharing common platforms that will be developed in the future and various element models, as well as allowing information to be exchanged between users.
Project Overview

2. Disclaimers

While NILIM has taken every precaution for the operation of this website, it will not be responsible in any way for any damages arising from the use of this website, or damages arising through the use of information acquired by third parties from visitors browsing this website. Also note that NILIM may modify the information contained on this website without any prior notification, or may interrupt or stop service while it is in operation.

3. Privercy Policies

NILIM takes the following efforts to protect personal information.

  • 1) NILIM maintains logs of IP address and domain names of visitors accessing the website. This data is only used for statistical analysis, and the collected information is not disclosed or provided to others.
  • 2) NILIM manages personal information in an appropriate manner, and does not disclose or provide this information to third parties.
  • 3) NILIM complies with the relevant rules and regulations regarding personal information collected from this website, and regularly reviews each item listed above in an effort to make improvements.

4. Copyright Policies

All information available on this website, including text and images, is protected by copyright. Any material created or acquired by NILIM remains the copyright of NILIM (no notation is included on images or text). Source notation is included where required for materials that have been provided from external sources. These may not be copied or modified without permission. People wishing to copy or cite these materials must submit such a request using the feedback form on this website.

5. Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited when using this website.

  • 1) Actions that infringe on third parties, NILIM assets or privacy, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 2) Actions that disadvantage or damage third parties or NILIM, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 3) Actions that violate public order and morality, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 4) Criminal actions or actions linked to criminal actions, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 5) Actions that involve false applications or submissions, such as registering with a third party’s email address.
  • 6) Actions that are defamatory against the reputation of third parties or NILIM.
  • 7) Actions using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 8) Other actions that violate laws, regulations or ordinances, or have the risk of doing so.
  • 9) Other actions that NILIM deems as inappropriate.

6. Software Registration and Providing Feedback

In general, software registration can be conducted by the copyright holder of the software, or persons permitted by the copyright holder to submit content. Software developed by others may not be provided or released without the permission of the copyright holder (*anyone may submit content regarding feedback or various types of information regarding software that has been released).

7. Restrictions on release

All information related to registration and submission of content, such as software registrations and submissions of feedback, will be checked for security purposes by NILIM, and will be released only after they are determined not to contain defamatory content or details that are deemed offensive to specific persons or organizations. Some submissions may not be released at the sole discretion of NILIM. Certain submitted information may be modified before being released if they contain obvious spelling mistakes or omissions. The person submitting information will be notified if that information will not be released on the website (note that this does not include cases where emails cannot be sent due to erroneous details being sent, or if the details are clearly intended to be disruptive). Submitted content means that the details have approved for registration and submission.

8. Copyrights

All information related to registration and submission of content, such as software registrations and submissions of feedback, remain the copyright of the copyright holder, and are protected as such. NILIM may provide information on the outline of the software (such as catalog information) to other media (such as other pages on this website, or reports or advertising material issued by and in partnership with NILIM) by citing or copying the content. The scope of release of software program data can be configured separately depending on the level of release.

9. Browsing Environment

This website has been designed to be viewed properly using Firefox for Windows with a page width of 900 px and 1100px, with CSS style specified, and in JavaScript. The website may not be displayed properly under different operating environments.

10. Modifications

This operation policy is subject to change without notice by NILIM. If any modifications are made, they will be listed on this page immediately.